May 21, 2019

The Real “Influencers”…Mom

I must admit that I am not an easy convert to “people say” or “it is known.” Without specific scientific data, I remain a skeptic at best. So when I hear how “influencers” are helping grow sales in the kosher market, I am simply looking for the evidence. I have talked to retailers and other kosher food purveyors. While a few told me that when an influencer sends out a message to 10,000 or 12,000 followers, it is “something,” but they could not say for sure how it has impacted sales. It is specifically questionable whether an influencer paid to promote a product succeeds in changing minds or attitudes.

Yes, millenniums are changing. They are influenced by the Internet, reading more food magazines and cookbooks, and many are part of the “foodie” generation. All of these resources could be said to be influencers. Perhaps the combined effect of all these resources is influencing purchasing decision particularly when it comes to meal ideas. I will even give the “influencers” the benefit of the doubt that they are in some way in the mix. But as one “influencee” told me, “one sure influencer is my mom.”