September 1, 2021

The New Prayer for Kosher Restaurants

This restaurant owner was clearly worried. Would New York’s new governor Kathy Hochul reimpose some of the “archaic” regulations for restaurants. “I barely made it out of the latest round of restrictions and can’t afford another round!” he said emphatically. He continued: “I hope that she realizes that restaurants are the lifeblood of New York.” The waiter who served me said that he was delighted to be back at work, although he confessed, “it wasn’t so bad being at home and spending time with my wife and kids.”

The owner said that he prays every day that the Almighty will “knock sense into the government officials that restaurants are not the cause of the Covid problem.” He stressed that this was not only his prayer but that of all the restaurant owners. “The diners were so looking forward to dining again that they will never forgive the Governor if she chooses to reimpose the restrictions. At least I discovered a new prayer to go along with the good meal.