November 19, 2012

The New Kosher Family

What began last year as a pilot pre-Kosherfest gathering of people involved with kosher through social media became a significant event this year. I had the pleasure of joining this incredible family of bloggers and others involved in social media at Abigael’s in Midtown. The fare did not disappoint as Chef Jeffrey Nathan never does. 

The dinner was the brainchild of such well known kosher social media people like Esti Berkowitz (, Abbey Wolin (, and Roberta Scher and Lois Held from KosherEye. In the group were cookbook authors, bloggers, social media professionals and a few kosher food purveyors. 

I had the pleasure of sitting on a table with Eileen Goltz and Connie Kadish whose creativity has helped many clients successfully develop new dishes. Eileen from Ft. Wayne, Ind and Connie originally from Chicago and now in Teaneck (her husband Dr. Alan Kadish is president of Touro College) are passionate about their creations, which of late even helped create a hybrid gefilte fish/sushi product for A&B Gefilte Fish. As each of the participants got up to introduce themselves and the role they play in social media, I got the sense that this mishpacha had grown beyond my wildest dreams, certainly when I look back 24 years when Kosherfest first started. The beauty of this family is that every member has somehow found a niche that is making a significant contribution to the overall growth and development of kosher. 

One guest who was warmly welcomed was Alexander Rappaport of Masbia, the founder of the network of kosher soup kitchens. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he found the courage not only to feed the poor Jews who benefit from his warm meals and warmth but even to ordinary New Yorkers who would otherwise only eat MRE’s in the Armory they had sought shelter in. Earlier that day many of the participants took part in a blogger’s conference and the next day at Kosherfest, there was also a panel to discuss the role of social media in kosher. My how the family has grown and grown up!

Image courtesy of Apple/iPhone