September 2, 2020

The Kosher Start-Up is Still Essential Today

A young couple with a rather neat idea for a new kosher food product asked me whether there was room in the kosher market for their idea. Their questions were very telling: Isn’t the market dominated by some big players with deep pockets? Are people interested in change and in new creative ideas? Do we even have a shot at infiltrating such a tightly woven web of companies? Do kosher stores make room on their shelves for new products like ours? Do we need a bundle of money to make it in the kosher market?

It is difficult to fold a two-hour conversation into a few short sentences. But in short, I encouraged them to pursue their dream. I told them that the kosher market especially nowadays thrives on new products. I warned them that so long as they can prove to the customer that they are not duplicating but are innovating they may very well be the next kosher Sushi. Obviously, start-ups need capital, good distribution, a marketing plan and a great deal of mazal, but the bottom line is that kosher is open for business to start-ups.