October 7, 2019

The Hiatus Exhibitors

Each year a small number of regular exhibitors at Kosherfest decide to take a year off, either because they have a conflict with other events, are looking to save some money, or are simply burnt out. Not surprising is a small number that are acquired by larger kosher companies. This year will be no exception except that some of the “hiatus exhibitors” have exhibited without interruption for more than three decades. They have certainly benefited from being showcased at the show and have been an integral part of the remarkable story of kosher. Most have vowed to return in 2020 as the hiatus is seldom for more than one year. Amazingly, the show will look as vibrant and dynamic as ever as many other long-time exhibitors and as many as 90 new exhibitors will completely fill the floor at the Meadowlands Exposition Center (November 12-13). Visitors will find more new products than ever before, a sign that the industry continues to grow.

This year the focus will be on the many startups and new innovative items that will be at the show. Whether a visitor is part of the kosher food industry or one of the many visitors who recognize the amazing new products that kosher has to offer, Kosherfest 2019 will be a show not to be missed.

Having worked on many other shows in such categories as luggage and leather goods, desserts, shoes, and home décor, I have always found that a key reason for exhibiting in a show is to support the industry. That support has always been strong with kosher which will no doubt continue for many years to come.