February 19, 2020

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Passover Programs

The Berger family was all set to reserve 3 rooms for Passover at a Northeast resort when Mrs. Berger learned that a friend was considering going to the same program but that the price for their similar family was considerably less. One operator said that “deals” were common although many were “last minute.” In the past, programs have closed before the holidays due to mismanagement or other factors leaving patrons stranded several weeks or even days before the holidays. Food shortages during Passover is not out of the question due to shortages of supplies and poor planning. But even as 115,000 people prepare to head for Passover programs this year, they are in the end at the mercy of all kinds of operators.

Many vacationers judge programs on the quality of the food while others look for the “soul” including inspirational speakers and entertainers. The expectations by vacationers is high as they look forward to celebrate the holiday in style. The speakers and entertainers come at a price for operators, often very steep including comping many rooms. Reputation is extremely important as operators fall into the good, the bad and the ugly.