March 31, 2020

The Coronavirus Shock

At a time of year when celebration is the order of the day, we are all in a state of shock. We were ill-prepared for a disease that would take so many lives in the community. We were not prepared to have our most celebrated holiday Passover interfered with. We didn’t plan on being home bound at the most traveled time of the year. It all came as a shock to us.

But we are mostly home with our families these days preparing for Passover. Our children are in the kitchen helping with the baking and the preparations for Passover. We are looking at recipes on-line and in the many Jewish magazines. We are also giving praise to the real heroes of this pandemic, the health workers, first responders and yes, the kosher community for truly stepping up to the plate, keeping stores and many restaurants open, delivering to all those staying at home. Kudos to all the workers who never missed a beat and while under the less than ideal circumstances, we will celebrate Passover, just as they did right before the Jews left Egypt…at home!