June 20, 2016

How Sushi has Come to Define the New Era of Kosher

My wife and I spent the just concluded “three day” holiday of Shavuos with our children in Monsey, NY and you guessed it, one of the six lavish meals included homemade sushi that my grandkids made from scratch. While an admirer of Sushi and its role in the upscaling of kosher, I opted for the Gefilte Fish platter nearby. Joseph Berger who covers Jewish subjects for the New York Times wrote a piece on Saturday (July 18th) entitled “Enough with the Gefilte Fish. I’ll Have Sushi.” In his opening paragraph, he notes: “Yes, sushi, which you won’t find in 20th century Jewish cookbooks, let alone the Torah, has become a runaway hit in the city’s Hasidic and other Jewish precincts.” Elan Kornblum of Great Kosher Restaurants told the Times that “people are still apprehensive” about the raw fish.

So I was wondering if the gefilte fish I have come to love and cherish might be on its way out. No way, I learned from speaking to retailers and others. I was even thrilled to hear that one expert said sales of the frozen loaves of gefilte fish had soared by more than 40% since 2010. So it appears that gefilte fish at the Shabbat and holiday meal is safe for now and Sushi has simply become an “additional” craze and not a “replacement” for gefilte fish.