April 18, 2018

My Sixth Sense: Passover at a Luxury Resort

By Menachem Lubinsky

My family and I were amongst some 1700 people that were treated to a “Majestic” (Retreats) Passover 2018 by Avi and Shneur Faskowitz. In one of my lectures, I discussed the extraordinary success of the kosher food industry, including the $1.5 billion Passover business. While I was impressed with the beautiful Green Valley Resort in Henderson NV (near Las Vegas), I was most intrigued by the sheer volume of the food consumed, not only by the three meals a day but by the ongoing tea room, daily barbecues, ice cream stations and more. Avi and Shneur have been at it for 13 years at their flagship program in Fort Lauderdale, the last two years at the Rosen Hotel in Orlando and this year in Henderson.

With 1100 people in their first year in Henderson, the Faskowitz brothers brought in RAM Caterers while still doing their own catering in Ft. Lauderdale. RAM, as expected, did an extraordinary job in fulfilling the lofty goals of the Faskowitz brothers. In addition to the food, the lecture program and entertainment were superb. I was delighted to be part of the scholars program that also included my close and dear friend Malcolm Hoenlein, the Executive Vice President of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Kudos to a well done job by Majestic!