June 26, 2017

Does Amazon Have a Bright Future in Kosher?

My Sixth Sense by Menachem Lubinsky

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about Amazon’s intention to acquire Whole Foods for a whopping $13.2 billion. The giant food chain has in recent years moved steadily into kosher. You would be amazed to see just how many of their products bear kosher certification. They have also begun to actively court kosher consumers, specifically carrying many of the flagship brands in kosher. You can already now buy many kosher products on Amazon. The real question that I am sure many in the industry are asking is what’s next for Amazon/Whole Foods? If, for example, the stores turn into fulfillment centers for Amazon, would that drive many kosher consumers to shop online and pick up at Whole Foods?

At a recent visit to a Whole Foods in lower Manhattan, I found several obvious kosher consumers buying a cart full of fresh produce, organic juices, and even some pastries. One 20ish looking couple said they shopped mostly at Whole Foods and bought meat from a local kosher market. Might that young couple now do the same shopping with a click of a mouse? Next question: “Will Amazon recognize the opportunity in kosher and invest in securing a strong kosher base? It seems to me that as kosher continues to grow, Amazon should not be far behind.