January 9, 2017

Is There a Silver Lining for Kosher On-Line Shopping?

Albert, a 30ish attorney who lives alone on Manhattan’s East Side, keeps kosher but by his own admission has “not stepped into a kosher grocery in years.” Instead, he gets all of his kosher products from Fresh Direct and even from Amazon. “Believe it or not, I got latkes (potato pancakes) from Amazon on Chanukah.” Albert may be one of many kosher shoppers who have transformed into on-line kosher shoppers. These major players in the on-line shopping space are not for everyone, particularly for those looking for cholov yisrael kosher products. But, there are a growing number of people who like Albert are using these iconic sites to stock their pantries and refrigerators. Several kosher purveyors told me that they were working to get their products on Amazon. Some are already available with Fresh Direct. All of this activity points to a potent new shopping venue for kosher shoppers. Many kosher shoppers occasionally use an on-line site like Avi Glatt in LA, E-Z Kosher in New York or other on-line shopping. The consensus in the industry is that on-line kosher shopping will grow incrementally and that there will be more people like Albert who will in the future prefer on-line shopping to visiting a kosher supermarket.