July 24, 2017

Say “Thank You” for Kosher Food Everywhere This Week

A lawyer friend of mine was extremely excited about the kosher food truck that began appearing in Downtown Brooklyn, near the courts. “The stuff was great,” he texted me, “and I finally will be able to make use of the few minutes I have between cases.” My grandchildren enjoyed some rather robust looking kosher hotdogs at Citifield the other day and couldn’t believe that the kosher line was much longer than the regular hotdog line. Interestingly, it was on that day that I read about new kosher fare at Wrigley Field. Wrigley? Kosher? I enjoyed a fresh kosher sandwich at a gas station on my way to the Catskills. Oh, how about an e-mail from a friend who enjoyed delicious hummus with crackers from Sabra in Louisville. OK, you get the message. Kosher is becoming more available with the passing of every day. Of course, you can also walk into any supermarket in the 50 states and fill up a wagon with kosher certified products.

In visiting several kosher producers this week, I also learned about a growing interest in more kosher products from Seven-Eleven stores, and about an increasing list of kosher items at Trader Joe’s. It is apparent that in coming years kosher food will be available everywhere and not just in the heavily concentrated kosher areas. It is time to encourage all of these places by saying thank you to them. I can tell you from experience that it goes a very long way!