February 20, 2018

Purim, the Festive Intro to Passover

I got a really good laugh from an ad by a local retailer in Brooklyn depicting the scene in Megilat Esther where the wicked Haman leads the pious Mordechai through the streets of Shushan yelling “Take me to _____with its Lower Prices.” With the hectic Passover season looming, any retailer could use a bit of levity. Only Purim too is no longer a “minor holiday.” One distributor told me that he did almost “as much business on Purim that I do on Rosh Hashanah.” Understandably, that may not be true for every part of the country where kosher is being sold but the lesson here is that kosher is really more than a one-holiday season.

Perhaps it is this recognition that kosher is a year-round business that is driving some of the growth of kosher. I know that the people at Kayco drive home that message every day. This is no longer a theory at best; the numbers prove it. Sadly, there are still pockets of resistance that seem to feel that Jews are Jews only on Passover. Sad, because they are missing out on sales and profits that is not lost on many of their competitors.