March 7, 2016

Overheard at a Kosher Café

The conversation by the three women seated at the next table caught my attention, not because it was about Passover, but because of what each of the three women said they were doing this upcoming holiday. One said that she was “staying home” and will have 22 people over for the first Seder, the second was headed to a hotel in Florida, and the third was staying home but had hired a professional chef to do all the cooking. I imagined that the only category that was missing was shutting the doors and being invited to in-laws for the holidays or at least for some of the days. It is quite amazing at the choices people have nowadays. Two of the women will most likely shop at a store that may have as many as 16,000 Kosher for Passover items. The third woman will be enjoying Passover at a resort that will buy either directly from kosher vendors or from a foodservice distributor. All told as much as $1.25 billion of kosher food will be sold for the Passover holiday.

I could not help but try to tally the cost for each of the three women. Of course, I was missing many variables such as how many people the hotel lady would be paying for. So just for the fun of it, I took some wild guesses that came to the following: Assuming a family of four, the tab for the hotel lady could be around $18,000, the woman with the 22 guests would probably come in at around $8,000 and the woman with the private chef at somewhere near $15,000. I know that these are wild guesses but still it makes you think of the overall cost of Passover irrespective of the choice, with the notable exception of getting invited to in-laws for the entire holiday.