January 22, 2020

Online at a Miami Kosher Restaurant

I decided that there is much that you can learn while waiting to be seated at an upscale restaurant, especially in Miami Beach. For example, the couple in front of us didn’t have a reservation while another online reserved through Yelp. “When I’m here in off season, I get treated royally,” said one of the people in line. “Yes,” answered another, “they somehow become nasty when they are busy.” I could only imagine the pressure in the kitchen as the chef and his crew try to keep up with the non-stop orders. “If only the people on line recognized that fact,” I thought. Well regardless of the pressure, it is no excuse for rudeness and mishandling customers, which I really did not find.

The people without the reservation looked around frantically trying to decide whether they would be seated after all. As it turned out, their patience paid off. Another customer opined: “Look at all those empty tables; it’s all part of a game.” Within 15 minutes the tables filled up with people having reservations. Then the discussion evolved into the quality of the food. As it turned out, here I learned that people do have different tastes. I also learned that being judgmental on a line at a kosher restaurant is pure and simple an exercise in futility.