October 28, 2019

One Show and Two Days

It is important to put some misguided notions to rest. Kosherfest is important because the growing kosher food industry needs an annual showcase. The two days are necessary so that buyers have the opportunity to visit all 300 booths. All other suggestions like alternating the show every two years and restricting it to one day are not practical and actually set the kosher food industry back a few decades. Being part of a growing enterprise is not for the feign-hearted or for the frugal. It is for the visionaries who by the way took full advantage of the show in the past and should be loyal to that past.

So here we are only a few short weeks away from Kosherfest with many new excited exhibitors and nearly 5,000 industry professionals who will be “eating it up.” So let’s agree that for the foreseeable future Kosherfest will be an annual show and will be over two days. That’s my take of an industry I very much shepherded to be at a point where it is such a dominant presence in the world of food.