August 26, 2013

Ode to a Shortened Summer

The calendar reads August but in many neighborhoods the school buses are back. Summer camps closed early and the exodus from bungalow colonies and developments in New York’s Catskill Mountains was well underway. The summer pop-up stores and restaurants were posting their closing days, all before the traditional end of summer, which is Labor Day, which this year will be two days before Rosh Hashanah begins. So schools need at least a little bit of time to teach the young about the shofar and the apple and honey and mothers need the extra time to prepare their offsprings for an early school start and for shopping and preparing for the holidays which this year will consume virtually the entire month of September. But as a short as summer 2013 turned out to be, it was mostly blessed with good weather.

In the Catskills, the pop-up kosher economy is truly amazing as a world of kosher options opens and closes within a span of eight weeks. Wal-Mart’s suddenly welcomes kosher consumers, Shoprite does as well with a sign in Yiddish, the kosher grocery stores are crowded, and a hotel (the Raleigh Hotel, once one of the premier Borsch Belt hotels) run by Chasidic Jews, even includes an upscale kosher restaurant called Prime Cut, which had great food and a great presentation. I even enjoyed the 30% discount on a Sunday by making a reservation by 2 p.m. on-line. 

Yes, a new year is upon us with all of its hopes and dreams, but it is time to say goodbye to the friendly skies of Summer 2013.