May 11, 2015

The Next Great Hit in Kosher

“So, what do you think the next big hit in kosher food will be?” This was a question I was asked in a recent interview. Lest I be accused of “insider trading,” I avoided answering the question directly. But truth be told that I am not even sure what the “last” big hit in kosher was unless you consider sushi. My guess is that if I conducted a scientific survey of precisely that question, I might get more answers than I bargained for. Well that’s what happened when I conducted an informal survey: the Goldbaum’s Snack, the Sabra hummus with the pretzels, facon, the Shibolim rice cakes were some of the answers that I received. By now, you might have concluded what I surmised that there really is NO clear winner when it comes to the last big winner and perhaps neither is there an answer for the “next” big hit in kosher. In fact, the absence of any clear cut winner is a good sign and here’s why.

The dynamics of any thriving economy are such that multiple forces are at work at any given time to create the vitality of a great economic climate. This is also the case of any successful business and organization where a conglomerate of its parts create the dynamic whole. If this sounds like statements out of Economics 101 or Management 101, it can be applied to my point about not having a clear winner of the last hit product in kosher or the next one. The dynamics of the kosher food market are such that many factors are in play at any given time. There are more themes in kosher, line extensions, new applications of kosher products, and many new fusion foods, each of which can be credited for the new kosher vitality. I am afraid that it may be difficult to pick a clear-cut winner, although I am sure that my readers will have their choices. Just for the fun of it, I asked a young lady for her choice of the last big hit and her answer was Greek Yogurt. Since she only consumes the higher kosher standard of Cholov Yisrael, she had never eaten Greek Yogurt prior to tasting Norman’s. So what’s your choice for either the last big hit or the next big hit in kosher?