September 29, 2014

New Frontiers for Kosher Could be… Anywhere

My excitement is building as the football season is in full swing, not because I am a football fanatic, which I am not, but because of the discussion as to which stadiums have a kosher concession. Crain’s Chicago recently posted a picture of a line at the kosher stand at a Chicago Bears game, clearly showing that at least half of the customers were not your traditional kosher customers. For some reason, say the kosher vendors in a number of sports arenas in New York, Chicago and Miami, there is value in a kosher hot dog. One African American said he buys kosher hotdogs because his wife is Muslim and he is nominally Muslim, but he added “they’re the best anyway.” Then there are these women that are vying for kosher vacationers and promising them a true kosher experience in Costa Rica, replete with villas that are made kosher and even a kosher chef, according to the New York Times. They say that they are offering vacationers who keep kosher an alternative to Miami and Israel. Then there was a cruise ship company that recently touted the large number of airline-like kosher meals that it serves.

So as much as I have been covering the revolution in kosher on the retail level, the story of its continued growth is far broader, so much so that the kosher options continue to expand at every level. News elsewhere in this issue of Wal-Mart’s new involvement in kosher is yet another reason why the kosher story continues to spread.

The new kosher grill at Soldier Field. Photo: Kosher Concessions LLC