April 28, 2014

My Obligatory Pizza is not so Special Anymore!

In many households, the rush to consume pizza after the long holiday has become a ritual not to be missed. In some pizza stores the lines stretched into the street as customers anxiously wait for that very first pizza slice of the post Passover season. In the past, the first pie was even the subject of an auction for charity. Most stores are so consumed with the request for pies that they will not sell anything less than a pie. Forget about adding toppings and certainly getting an individual slice. Even some of the hotel programs scramble for pizza on the night after the holiday. 

So why isn’t pizza so special anymore, at least for me? Because I and many others enjoyed some very good imitations of the pizza on Passover itself. It seems that there is nothing that potato starch can’t solve. OK, so I enjoyed the pizza on Passover, but did that stop me from yearning for the post holiday pizza? Absolutely not.

The number of pies that are turned out within hours is staggering, so much so that some pizza stores have a reservation system, which could take 2-3 hours. But not to worry. In many households, pizza is the reward for helping “turn-over” the kitchen and the house back to year-round mode. Oh, don’t feel too sorry for the kosher pizzeria employees. They are just coming off a 9-day vacation.