December 2, 2020

Missing the Backroom Chatter of Kosherfest

And so, it happened: For the first time in 32 years, I was not at Kosherfest a few weeks ago. It was quite flattering to hear from so many people what they missed at Kosherfest. Most fell into the category of missing tasting the good food and the new products. Others spoke of the incredible buzz at the show that they missed so much. One young blogger surprised me: “I met some of the most incredible people at Kosherfest, people that truly inspired.”

So, what did I miss most? You’ll be surprised that it was none of the above. Instead it was what I will call the “backroom chatter.” People with great ideas for a new concept in kosher, people discussing a possible acquisition or merger. Last year I was already tasting the benefits of the Abraham Accords from my new friends from Dubai. I cannot even begin to describe all the incredible stories I heard in that backroom. I can’t wait to get back to that backroom chatter nearly a year from now.