February 5, 2019

Mid-Winter Break

Miami Beach - They came by the thousands for what has become known as “mid-winter break” or even “Yeshiva Week.” For about two weeks, many local restaurants were lulled into a feeling of instant success, only to fall back to the “seasonal” doldrums. My sources here tell me that some are indeed struggling while others have apparently figured out how to cater to the locals even when the snowbirds have abandoned the “gan eden” of the warm weather especially this year when the thermostat in Chicago dipped to -54 (wind-chill). Some of the vacationers confessed that they had made reservations for the eateries many months in advance.

It seems that airline computers are well aware of the habits of the kosher community as prices seem to dovetail for when the yeshivas have vacation. Local grocery stores like Kosher Kingdom in Aventura catered to huge crowds as did the local Winn Dixie and even Costco which had a full showcase of Solomon’s meat and many other kosher items. Add Mid-Winter to the Jewish calendar that is increasingly becoming part of the religion.