February 5, 2018

My Miami Restaurant Experience

For students enrolled in yeshivas, the customary mid-winter vacation has been renamed “Yeshiva Week.” For several days in Miami Beach, it very much looked like the winter Catskills with entire families vacationing in the warmer (perhaps not as warm and as sunny as they would have liked but certainly warmer than back East). Chances are that if you didn’t have a reservation, for some several weeks in advance, you couldn’t enjoy the likes of Harbor Grill, Fuego, Kosh, Grill Time and more. Without naming names, I clearly was able to differentiate between the men and the boys, those who managed their businesses well and others that clearly did not. For example, one restaurant was clearly rude in turning away business despite the fact that he had at least 6 empty tables that did not fill for almost an hour. Another ran out of some basic items on the menu, making me wonder how good the planning and preparations were.

Oddly enough, one would think that there would be a greater emphasis on customer service. Why? Because with the exception of Yeshiva Week, the restaurants very much need the business. But for at least one week these restaurants felt like they were in control. Perhaps! My shout outs for good experiences were at Harbor Grill, Fuego, Friday night at Kikar Tel Aviv (with host Bonnie in the Carriage Club) and The Carrot on Harding. Kudos to a job well done and for some really excellent food.