December 14, 2015

Miami Beach Updates its Kosher Choices for Snowbirds

Miami Beach - While the weather in the East is surprisingly still warm, I have no doubt that the migration of the snowbirds Southward is not so far off. In just a few weeks, Southern Florida will become a kosher mecca for the tens of thousands who will descend on this pop-up oasis of kosher options. The two establishments that I decided to test drive might tickle your fancy as well. The first was Zak the Baker located in the Art Deco district of Miami that save for the colorful graffiti that defines this neighborhood was relatively peaceful on Sunday morning save for the crowds waiting up to an hour or more for a table at this OK Kosher certified establishment. It’s hard to describe this place and its all natural foods, artisan breads, incredible fish dishes, and yes, the natural-look of the facility. Nor would you be able to define the crowd lest you recognize that it is probably a snapshot of America’s melting pot and of course the yarmulkes here and there. But oh those breads, made by a wandering Jew like Zak Stern whose multi-cultural experiences are just icing on his delicious natural cakes. Certainly worth the wait!

Then there was Carlos and Gabby’s, rapidly developing as the largest kosher restaurant chain with branches in Brooklyn, Lawrence, Riverdale, Kew Garden Hills, Lakewood and Madison Square Garden. Now Aaron Wasserlauf, owner of Kastner’s Kosher Supermarket has brought the franchise to Miami Beach with some excellent kosher Mexican foods. You can start with the chicken zingers or buffalo fingers and work your way to the burgers and salads. So there you have it, the Miami Beach of the Millennials has moved away from the Miami Beach of the Baby Boomers but this baby boomer is truly enjoying it!