February 8, 2016

When Men Do the Shopping

I certainly could be excused for doing the shopping for my household. After all, what better way is there to keep tabs on the kosher food industry than to do the shopping? I have noticed of late that I am far from being alone, which is why I asked one store owner, “Is there a difference?” He repeated the question with emphasis as if to say “Really now!” According to him, men in general spend less than the women, especially when they follow “the lists.” “Women are impulse shoppers,” he says. “I can’t tell you how many women get to the checkout counter and then start shopping.” OK, but do they spend more on items? To this question I got the “depends” answer and that was based on lifestyle. “You know there are people that don’t care about money and then there are others that are very frugal.”

Next question, do men and women shop differently when it comes to kashrus? “You won’t believe it but we get many more questions from women; the men either know the answers or are often simply more trusting.” When I asked a few men why they do the shopping, they answered wife works, many kids at home, and surprisingly “I enjoy it!” Dov seemed lost in the baking section, consulting his cellphone every few minutes. “So what’s your wife making?” “Some dessert from a cookbook; we’re having 10 people over for lunch on Shabbos, but I am here already a half hour and still looking for the ingredients.” “So call your wife,” I suggested. “No way, I told her that I knew exactly what she wrote down.” One of the employees finally had mercy and came to the rescue. So to all the women out there who think men don’t know how to shop, think again!