January 27, 2014

Maybe Kosher is Better?

Major media, led by the New York Times, revealed that prison inmates in increasing numbers are requesting kosher food. Michael D. Crews, soon to be secretary of the Department of Corrections, put the number of inmates requesting kosher meals at 4,417, well beyond the Jewish prison population in the State of Florida. That prisoners and even airline passengers request kosher meals might be questioned by people who eat kosher, who often wonder how much better the fare is of neighbors sitting on a flight. It turns out that the kosher prison meals are four times as expensive as regular meals, but because of court orders the prison systems have no choice but to arrange for the kosher food.

Who would have believed that kosher is now the meal of choice for so many and is, in fact, driving kosher sales in many categories. I recently learned that even cruise ship passengers who usually enjoy great food are requesting kosher frozen dinners. Why? There has been a spate of food poisoning incidents aboard luxury cruise ships. Several airlines report that on some flights, more than a third of passengers order kosher meals, well beyond the number of Jewish passengers. Perhaps it is also time to give the kosher airline caterers a pat on the back, and not just some of the European caterers, who are considered amongst the best in the world, but amongst other caterers as well. So maybe, just maybe, kosher meals are better?

Airline meal image courtesy of Flyertalk.com