January 20, 2021

Let My People Go this Passover

For the second year in a row, Adelle is planning a Seder with only her husband Izzie. It is unlikely that her children in Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Bet Shemesh will be able to travel. The 25+ Seder attendance of 2019 will not happen, Adelle said sadly. “We will be sitting at home and talking about our children who will not be there,” she said wiping away a tear. She and her husband thought of travelling to Milwaukee but she is still not comfortable traveling by plane. Her grocery order will once again be a fraction of what it normally is. “I will miss the grandkids immensely but I will send them gifts for the afikomen anyways.”

Although some retail is slowly creeping back, it will still fall short of a “normal” Passover. Because of antibodies and the vaccine, some families will be getting together this year raising hopes for somewhat of a comeback this coming Pesach. Passover is about redemption. Let’s hope that this Passover we will at long last free ourselves from this awful pandemic!