November 9, 2015

Kosherfest – My Holiday Week

You may not find it in a Jewish calendar but for me, the week of Kosherfest is a holiday week. It is a week that I look forward to all year, not only because I believe that it is a celebration of an industry that has exceeded all expectations, but also because it is a time to reunite with “family.” Yes, over the years and this is the 27th year, people involved in kosher have become part of a big happy family. It is a family that is happily on the same page, using the same calendar and subscribing to the same principles, amazingly dating back some 3000 years.

Even after having been involved in kosher for so many years, Kosherfest is always a time of discovery. I see products that I never knew existed, meet people with ideas that are simply cutting edge, and am thrilled with the excitement and enthusiasm that fills the air.

Each year I set my sights on one or two nuances of the industry that are worthy of more attention. There were years that I focused on new gourmet items, on new kosher health foods, on Passover innovations, on international exhibits, on non-food products and services that enhance the kosher food industry and so forth. So what will it be this year? Not sure, perhaps a potpourri of the above or perhaps on the 90 or so new exhibits. In any event, happy holidays!