August 22, 2016

A Kosher Smoke House in My Old (Raised the Bar) Neighborhood

I always enjoy visiting Crown Heights in Brooklyn, the neighborhood where I grew up. When my family left in the 60’s along with tens of thousands of others, no one envisioned that it would one day become such a thriving neighborhood with so many kosher stores and some of the city’s best upscale restaurants. So here I was in Izzy’s Smokehouse deciding between brisket, pulled beef, chicken, a sausage or the house burger, all smoked. The small but well-appointed kosher eatery certified by the OK Kosher Certification whose headquarters are nearby reminded me of just how far kosher has come in recent years. In almost every neighborhood in the five boroughs of New York, there is a new kosher restaurant with a new and interesting theme. Just follow Elan Kornblum, the Restaurant Maven, on his Facebook page and you will not believe the scope and variety of food in kosher restaurants nowadays.

Getting back to Izzy’s, the Burger I had was stupendous and so were the sides of candied sweet potato and the house slaw and pickles. Perhaps a few years ago you would have to scurry for a good burger or in my case enjoyed a good burger at the only glatt kosher McDonald’s which happens to be in Buenos Aires. Rumor has it that the city’s newest and perhaps most luxurious restaurant will soon come to Crown Heights, a good companion to the outrageously great Basil Restaurant. Good to be back in the old neighborhood!