January 22, 2018

Kosher Popups and Miami Beach

This is crunch time for kosher in Miami Beach. Tens of thousands of snowbirds will be heading for the warmer climate in South Florida as school break goes into full swing. This, in addition to the customary winter vacationers. Kosher restaurants will be overflowing and in fact are already turning away patrons. Many distributors and manufacturers have added deliveries to accommodate the additional business. The kosher industry seems to be used to this new pattern of the bumps in business in various locations, be it the Catskills in the summer, hotels nationwide for Passover or increasingly the mid-winter break. No other food category has to adjust to its clientele. One distributor aptly called these bumps “pop-up markets.”

It seems that while the Florida kosher industry knows how to adjust to these bumps, they say they are often caught off guard by the fluctuations in demand. For example, they experienced an appreciable drop of business during the Zika scare when many younger vacationers stayed away. This year, they fear that they will literally be “overrun” by demand. But they take it all in stride and in general appreciate the “pop-up” business.