August 1, 2016

Kosher Food in Beautiful Ireland

I travel quite extensively and rarely give a second thought to where I will secure kosher food. In recent years, I have been to such countries as Italy, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Argentina, the UK, and Holland to name but a few and always found a kosher restaurant or a Chabad house that offered kosher fare. This time in Ireland it was different. Although there is kosher food to be had in Dublin, there was none in beautiful Southeast Ireland. Here is how my wife and I managed. We stayed in a magnificent five-star hotel (that by the way had no air conditioning despite an unusual balmy 84 degrees) and had the meals shipped in by Hermolis from London to Alex, the head chef.

Alex seemed to have some experience with kosher and graciously told us that he would take care of the meals. Working with Hermolis, all the meals were marked (for example, it was a chicken dinner on the first night). Each night the maître d would personally serve us in the dining room, bringing us the double wrapped meals, as per the plan we worked out with Hermolis. We would transfer the meals to elegant plastic goods and pretty much blended in with everyone else. The chef even chuckled that he had received instructions from Hermolis but that it was not necessary since he had prepared kosher for many a tourist. On the last night of our stay, there were some leftovers (since we ordered a bit more than we actually needed) that the Maître d rolled out on a cart and it actually looked like a buffet. While kosher is prevalent in most countries nowadays, I learned that it is possible to improvise anywhere, thanks to Hermolis and Chef Alex.