June 8, 2021

Kosher Consumers Slowly Drop Mask

Brooklyn, NY…The ambiguity about wearing masks in the large kosher supermarkets is slowly vanishing as an increasing number of customers are dropping wearing the masks. Although most stores still post the signs, customers believe that the Covid-19 risk is behind them. Most store managers seem to be relieved since they had a hard time enforcing masks even when the CDC mandated them. They say that a significant number of their customers were vaccinated or in fact had the virus.

Although I was able to find customers with a mask in the supermarkets I visited, most were maskless. Jeremy, a 20-year-old looking for sushi, said that once his synagogue dropped the requirement, he no longer wore a mask, period. Store managers say they are happy that attention in the stores can go back to pre-Covid days when shopping was the only concern.