August 20, 2018

Kosher Caterers up Their Game

Kosher catering in the US has significantly raised the bar for the presentation of kosher foods. The more I see kosher caterers at work, the more I have come to respect them as a very unique group of people who have contributed immensely to the upscale status of kosher. Anyone who has watched kosher caterers at work appreciates the myriad of details that they confront on a daily basis. Imagine if you are a caterer and were expecting a delivery of fresh fish that is still tardy several hours before an affair. Or consider a caterer whose ovens have given out just before a Bar Mitzvah.

Despite being in a competitive environment, caterers often help each other, not only in some of the stories after Hurricane Sandy but even on an ordinary day. Even caterers involved in Passover programs will help out a colleague that suddenly falls short on matzoh, wine, or other basic food. But most importantly, kudos to a group that has raised the bar for kosher in every respect with innovation, creativity, and yes, sheer determination to succeed.