December 17, 2012

Just Once Recipe

A recipe is simply a creative blend of ingredients that when prepared properly becomes a dish or perhaps a meal. It can be as innovative as creativity will allow. “My secret recipe,” a famous chef once said “is only secret when not properly read and prepared.” 

Recipes have become a powerful tool for the kosher food industry. They have become vehicles of friendships as people in remote parts of the world share their ideas with others. They are part of the many pages in some of the colorful kosher cookbooks that now adorn so many shelves in kosher homes. Recipes are now routinely shared through such social media as Facebook and Twitter. They can make the difference between success and greater success for a product or perhaps provide a new product with a proper launch.

A recipe, a woman who prides herself as being an excellent cook, told me, “is a fingerprint.” It is my brand and identifies who I am, she explained. It is interesting that in each home recipes are treated differently much like diaries. They are in loose leafs, card files, on I-Pads, and in special drawers. They are kept in safe places much like historic photographs. A recipe then tells a story and in this case it is very much part of the success of kosher foods as with each year recipes became more diverse, more creative, and more gourmet.