February 6, 2017

“It Just Happens to be Kosher”…Breaking the Mold

I have heard many a restaurateur explain that he offers great food that “just happens to be kosher.” I get it! What they are really saying is that if you still have an outdated notion about the quality of kosher food and wine, forget it – it’s history. Most of the great chefs in some of the better kosher restaurants will tell you that they don’t cook and prepare great tasting kosher food. What they do, is prepare great food, and you guessed it, “that happens to be kosher.” Is there still a residual notion that kosher food is “fatty, greasy, and even rubbery,” a quote I once heard from a reporter? Of course there is, but therein lies the challenge. We know that many non-kosher people who visit a kosher restaurants come away with a different impression. Similarly, have someone who is not kosher taste some of the kosher wines nowadays and they will tell you that they are in many cases superior to the non-kosher version. Change, major change, has come to kosher food. That change, my friends, is that we covet great food that “happens to be kosher!”