April 7, 2014

Just Can’t do Without Sushi

I am sure that you know by now that some kashrus organizations have given their blessings for Quinoa this Passover. In fact, it has generated so much interest that rabbis and kashrus officials say that it is one of the leading questions this year. So on my traditional whirlwind visit to stores, I tried to find out why the craze and to my surprise I found one young couple that seemed to have the answer. “You know, we don’t eat rice on Pesach and we love Sushi; so we replace the rice with quinoa.” Well, there you have it; it’s all about sushi, which was later confirmed by none other than a caterer running a Passover program. Handmade Matzoh was simply flying off the shelves and many people were eyeing some of the new products by companies like Lieber’s. One item that caught my eye was Almond Flour, which was amongst an estimated 300 new items in every category: snacks, cereals, meats, Greek Yogurt, ice cream, beverage and so forth.

My experience in about a half dozen stores made me think just how simple my mother’s shopping was. Her shopping list consisted of chicken, cooking apples, eggs, potatoes, more eggs, more potatoes, Kedem syrup, Saratoga Geyser, fresh fruit, ingredients for cakes (yes, she made her own cakes as she did her own horesrdaish), fresh fish (she made her own gefilte fish) and dairy products.  End of story. I am not advocating returning to those simple days, not with about 100 different types of meats or for that matter bread crumbs, croutons, pizza, bagels and more. But there is something to be said for that era. No one felt deprived and yet the celebration of the holidays was as beautiful as ever. For those of you who share my memories, enjoy and for those who don’t, enjoy the revolution in kosher.