December 1, 2014

Jerusalemites…Forever Resilient and Defiant

Jerusalem… Jerusalem had just experienced yet another spate of terror attacks that left scores dead and injured. Yet, as I walked the streets of this celebrated city, there was no sign of panic or in fact any other indication of nervousness that one would expect under such circumstances. At the Red Hefer restaurant, diners enjoyed the succulent steaks and the magnificent side dishes. Several of the hotel managers I spoke to said that they had experienced some cancellations, but far less than expected. Security seemed to have been beefed up as new City of Jerusalem Tourist Police patrol cars fanned out throughout the city as did Border Police units. The ever-expanding city skyline continues to hearld in many new buildings.

Perhaps most encouraging was my visit to a Shufersal supermarket where a security guard looked into shopper’s bags as they entered. 74-year old Adit has lived in Jerusalem all her life and she was there shopping for her 81-year old husband and 46-year old daughter who lives with her. Listen to what she had to say: “Jerusalem is the most magnificent city in the world. I have lived here through wars, Intifadas, and suicide bombings, but I will not give into fear, because that’s what they want…to make me afraid. I will not.” Adit probably reflects the sentiment of most of the people who live here. Did she have any complaints? “Yes, the traffic has become unbearable!”