September 8, 2008

I’ve got Kosherfest on my mind

Although I have been associated with Kosherfest for more than two decades, I very much look forward to the upcoming show at the Meadowlands Exposition Center (November 11-12). Despite the show’s growth at the Jacob K. Javits Center in the past few years, I have always longed for the days when the Meadowlands was home to Kosherfest. I missed the shows when the area around the convention center became Kosherfest City. Virtually all the hotels in the area were occupied with Kosherfest guests. The entire building of the Convention Center itself was all about kosher foods. There was a certain buzz in the building and the surrounding areas that few other food shows ever accomplish.

Don’t get me wrong. The move to Javits was more important than when kosher was trying to send a message to the world that kosher went mainstream and where better to make such a statement than in New York’s premiere convention facility. The show also underwent a number of different models, particularly in its collocations with other ethnic shows and even with the big International Hotel & Motel Show. But still, as much as it made sense in those years, myself and many of the exhibitors and buyers would always reminisce about the good ‘ol days back at the Meadowlands.

In marketing, retro is very much in, not so much because of the quality of some of what the past had to offer, but because it makes many of us feel good to remember those days. That is why I so much await the opening of Kosherfest at the Meadowlands. It’s simply the good ‘ol days, but this time with several years of success in the Big Apple. Hope you feel the same way!