May 6, 2013

It’s Still Passover in the Friendly Skies

Last week, returning from a business trip to the West Coast on United, I was kind of hoping for a good kosher snack that would tide me over for the long red-eye flight back East. As I slowly unwrapped the meal that only the privileged in First Class received (instead of the customary peanuts and soda in Economy), I was taken aback when I realized that the frozen chicken breast, carrots and pineapple tidbits were all neatly wrapped with the label indicating Kosher for Passover, a full 4 weeks after the holiday ended. To make certain that there was no mistake, the package came with a few cracker-like Matzos. The meal came from Milmar Foods, based in Goshen NY, but they could hardly be blamed for when the airlines served the frozen meals they sell the airlines that then freeze the meals until needed.

Instead, I would counsel United as I do so many other companies who serve kosher, whether an airline, hotel, or cruise ship, to get to know the Jewish calendar. It is important for anyone serving kosher to understand the Jewish Sabbath and holidays. It is not enough to accommodate travelers who opt for kosher; it is also important to show some knowledge such as removing all kosher for Passover meals the day after Passover. The Jewish calendar should not be perceived as an enemy. Rather it is a friend full of opportunity.