April 27, 2021

Itching to Get Back to Normal

From everything I have seen of late kosher diners are itching to get back to indoor dining. It is not that the outdoor option is not welcome now that the weather is turning warmer, it is just that there was a pent-up yearning to dine out. In any event, that is the message I am hearing from restaurant owners and managers. One owner said bluntly: “Why are you surprised? I was getting calls in the middle of the pandemic whether I would make an exception for an 80th birthday of a grandfather.”

True that many restaurants could not survive the economic doldrums, but those who did, thanks to their take-out business and the Stimulus PPP feel very positive about the future. Said the owner: “People are booking well in advance because they want to celebrate as they always did.” In the last month or so, I have been to a few restaurants and yes, it is beginning to look a lot like normal. Welcome back kosher diners!