January 5, 2021

Is the Future Already Here?

Imagine a life where your food is delivered automatically, your weekly preferences already stored on your computer. Even the kosher pizza store already knows your preference of toppings. The takeout store delivers your spaghetti and meatballs on Tuesday evenings. A number of younger couples told me recently that they are already living that dream lifestyle. Thanks to Covid, they completely refocused their shopping habits but even more importantly, they do not ever expect to go back to the old traditional way of shopping.

A few food entities including supermarkets and even one major kosher wholesale distributor say that they are planning new programs to cater to the convenience crowd. What it will mean is that the distributors will be delivering directly to homes. “This service will particularly be enticing to large families as we will be able to deliver by the case and offer deep discounts.” Thanks to Covid, the future appears to be now!