November 2, 2020

Is Another Miracle In-store for Chanukah?

New York…As you might imagine my friends in the kosher restaurant business are not happy campers these days, particularly those that are in the Red Zone in places like Boro Park and Flatbush in Brooklyn or in Rockland County. They already were takeout, deliver, outdoor dining, almost indoor dining and now back to takeout and delivery. Each time there seems to be an opening, it closes up again. One restaurateur I spoke to even invested in heaters for his outdoor dining only to keep them in the boxes as he was ordered to return to takeout and curbside service.

“You cannot imagine the roller coaster we’ve been on and the dark days when I have to look at my bills,” one told me. But just when I was totally distraught, he gave me some hope. “You know I feel that there somehow will be a miracle this Chanukah and we will be allowed to open.” It’s nice that he can push the goal posts further with hope and anticipation. It’s the kind of hope that we can all use these days. Chanukah is closer than you think!