July 24, 2018

Innovation Like Never Before

As my readers know by now, I am a strategic marketing consultant by profession. So it is not surprising that I have the privilege of meeting many people with new ideas in a variety of spheres, including kosher food. The universal question is: “Is this an idea that will succeed?” Fair question, since money is almost always involved. Frequently, I will know enough about a category to give it my blessing or discouragement. At other times, I will suggest investing in research and believe me I have seen time and again how investing in research is absolutely worth every dollar.

But what strikes me as worthy of mention is the amazing trend of innovation in kosher at all levels. I see it in some of the products that are being developed, including quality, health features, and packaging. I am impressed with the progress being made by kosher digitally, ranging from well thought out websites to information sharing by cookbook authors, foodies and bloggers. When I see such innovation and the increased outreach for professional guidance, I am inclined to say that the best days for kosher are still ahead.