December 2, 2013

How About a “Black Friday” for Kosher?

Someone I respect in the kosher food industry cracked what I thought was a joke, but it turns out he was very serious. He suggested that I help organize a “Black Friday” for kosher foods throughout the industry. Well, first I thought that if ever the industry did adopt a day of discounts, it would more likely be on Monday or Tuesday then on Friday. But when he explained his idea, I dropped my smirk and listen intently. “Look,” he said, “we are declining in many secondary markets because some of the younger secular Jews don’t feel connected to the matzoh, gefilte fish, and chopped liver they were forced to enjoy at Grandma’s, which she bought at a local kosher store or supermarket.” OK, I thought, now how does a "Black Friday" idea solve this problem?

“So if we created a hype around a discount day where we could introduce these very same young Jews to some of our great products, everything from exotic sauces to tasty meats, then maybe, just maybe, they would come back to the kosher aisle,” my friend fervently argued. He suggested that the supermarkets might want to stock up on many of the new items, knowing that the manufacturers were promoting the foods as part of a big promotion.” 

He agreed that "Black Monday" would work better since no retailer in his right mind would give up on one of the most profitable days of the week for kosher. He wasn’t through with his plan. Israeli foods would be a big part of the "Black Monday" as would kosher wines in markets where wines could be sold in the local supermarket. I have always marveled at the huge kosher wine display at Winn-Dixie in South Florida to go with their special end cap of Israeli foods. The more I thought about "Black Monday" or perhaps to be more optimistic "White Monday," the more it grew on me. In any event, I always enjoy some good out-of-the-box thinking.