May 5, 2020

Home Sweet Home in the Kitchen

Rivkah has been home for nearly six weeks. Keeping her family indoors in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been tough. She has been working at home, acting as a teacher for her younger children, doing household chores whenever she has a free moment. She noticed that the kitchen has become a “hangout.” My refrigerator swings open about once every seven or eight minutes. Keeping it fully stocked has been a real challenge. So the first thing she does when she wakes up is to put a few sheets of cookies into the oven.

She is using the kitchen to teach her two younger girl to make some interesting salads, bake cheesecakes for Shavuos, and even prepare finger foods for dinner instead of the customary fare. What an interesting idea, to enjoy kosher food during this quarantine foods. And if it is a bit much, just look at what supermarkets like Breadberry are preparing these days. Or forget all the troubles of the day just by looking at what is being prepared at the Loft. Might as well use this time to enjoy some good kosher food! Stay safe and well!