November 17, 2020

Has Manhattan Lost its Kosher Lure?

Manhattan is a shadow of its former self and quite easy to understand why the robust kosher dining scene in Manhattan is still a distant memory compared to what it was prior to the pandemic. It is hard to believe but only 10% of Manhattan office workers are back. One large business that formerly employed 230 people is operating with only 16, the rest working remotely. A good number of Manhattan workers ate kosher which accounted for more than 50% of their business. Manhattan itself looks forlorn with many blocks featuring bordered up stores from the riots or the fear of riots in advance of the Presidential election. “For Rent” signs are everywhere, and the borough is full of homeless people. I walked into several kosher eateries and found a deafening silence that seemed to beg for attention.

Where are the businessmen? Couples taking the evening off for some quality kosher dining? The office parties to celebrate a holiday or a business success? Sadly, they are all gone for now, except for the hope that the “new normal” will soon revert to the “old normal!”