November 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

menachem-lubinsky-round-borderKosherfest is now behind us but there was so much new that we’re devoting most of this issue to some of the key stories at Kosherfest. Our reporting team, including Devorah Paltiel, Eda Kram and Honey Soibelman bring you some of the color and highlights of Kosherfest. Our stories include features on the international participation, the winners of the New Product Competition, Mashgiach of the Year, and the first ever Kosher Masters Competition. The Annual AKO Conference deals with complex issues, but also pays tribute to kashrus legends…A breakfast sponsored by the Israel Export Institute highlighted Israel’s Nouvelle Cuisine…A major feature article on kosher recently appeared in the Kabul Times. In My Sixth Sense, I look at some of the secrets I learned at Kosherfest…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers Dessert Hummus. Happy Thanksgiving Day! Menachem Lubinsky Editor-in-Chief Read this week's Kosher Today news stories