April 8, 2013

Happy Restocking Holiday

You never heard of restocking holiday? Well, it begins within minutes of the end of the 8-day Passover holiday season with the obligatory pizza (most places will only sell by the pie) and continues for the next few days as Jews restock their pantries with chametz. For many, restocking means replenishing everything, since they most likely discarded most of their chametz stock, including half filled cereal boxes and pasta packages. Stores know that customers have a low tolerance level when it comes to buying products with the P or Kosher for Passover designations even a few days after the holiday. To many customers this signifies that production took place even before the holiday, a no-no with shoppers. But restocking holiday really means another holiday after the holidays since the basket is significant, especially this year where the Shabbat followed the holiday by less than three days. 

Most retailers say that restocking requires precise planning and often in consultation with supervising rabbis. Manufactures know that they have a short window to rev up the production and delivery schedules. The day after scene at many stores reminded me of the day after Sandy where there were in most cases more empty shelves than full ones. Except for the very few groceries that shut down completely for the holiday, the retailers know that the days following Passover is no time for a vacation, since it is just another holiday!