April 3, 2017

Happy Passover

menachem-lubinsky-round-borderLots of good news as the kosher food industry is just a week away from closing out another successful Passover season. Our big news story is the 52,000 products that were certified kosher for the holiday, twice the number from 2011…Passover programs worldwide continue to grow at record pace with some 300,000 Jews headed to major destinations all over the globe, but there were a few exceptions. Read our exclusive story…New discounter Bingo is shaking up the kosher retail scene this Passover by as much as 25%... Major kosher certification agencies turn their attention to education…Bourbon, once a kosher automatic, faces some interesting kashrus issues…The kosher food industry mourned the untimely passing last week of Rabbi David Steigman of the OK, a leading authority on kashrus…In My Sixth Sense, I look at whether there is Nothing to Eat on Passover…Eda Kram in her New Product Showcase covers a post-Passover new popcorn to try.

We wish all our readers and friends a happy and healthy Passover.

Our next issue will be published on Monday May 1st.

Menachem Lubinsky


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