May 6, 2019

Going Away or Staying Home

There is a raging debate of sorts as to the preferred way of spending Passover, at home or at one of the 60 or so programs. Or perhaps joining the crowds in Orlando that this year reached some 30,000 people. Without taking sides, I have been in at least two of the options. Truth be told that each comes with some distinct advantages and disadvantages. Those looking for a close family experience are probably best off at home. Those who are looking for a holiday vacation are best off at a program. Sendy, a friend of mine is a frequent traveler but stays home on Passover. He is thinking about celebrating Passover in Orlando in the future because “it is the best of both worlds.” He can rent a house in a development but still do the Seder with his family in the home while being part of a larger community.

Shmuel, a baby boomer, would love to stay home but his children are grown with their own plans and his wife “just can’t endure any longer the hard work of inviting everyone to our home.” For the past three years, he has “gone away” with one of his four children. Abe goes away with his young children when there is a long Chol Hamoed “instead of taking day trips.” So despite the debate, I am not sure that this is a “one size fits all” scenario.